All Strings Considered (ASC) is a traditional old-time stringband with a focus on instrumental and vocal music of the Southern Appalachian region. ASC will get your feet tapping to a traditional dance melody or perhaps bring you into the dark wood of an archaic modal fiddle tune. They can soothe your day with a gentle waltz or tell a story with some fine harmony singing from the Blue Ridge Mountains.  An evening with All Strings Considered is a fun time for all ages.

UPDATE – February 20, 2021  ASC Dissolved …
With the Covid-19 layoff and various other issues, All Strings Considered has not played a concert or dance event as a band since March 7, 2020. We got together via Zoom recently and decided to dissolve as a performing group.
Through it all we developed tight friendships and memories enough for a lifetime. We were about as “family band” as a group can get without actual genetic attachments. Dissolving will leave holes for all of us, but the memories will help fill them. We may still regroup occasionally to play together for informal things. We also hope to enjoy jamming some old time music with folks from time to time.
As a locally focused band, we preferred concert type events over providing background music at breweries and eating establishments. We performed between 7-9 concert events per year. A subgroup of four of us played monthly contra/square dances at the Dance Zone in Marquette and the full group played for dances at the Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival and the Marquette WinterFest. We got in some wonderful mileage with traditional old time music and built a decent repertory. Around 130 different tunes and songs were performed in concert over the nine years. We tended to focus on things that were not in the “top forty” of old time music and our concerts always included a few history lessons and stories about the music and source musicians of times past.
We recorded enough tracks for two CDs, just enough to convince us that recording was not our thing … haha! Our first CD, titled “Kicking it Off”, was a self-made affair produced by burning standard data CD discs via a laptop computer then hand-writing the title on the physical CDs with a Sharpie. The second CD, “Better Than It Sounds …”, was recorded in an actual studio at Northern Michigan University and burned by a professional company with a nice jacket designed by Liz Drum. We held a CD Release Party at The Crib in late January of 2020 which was a blast of fun. We still have copies of “Better Than It Sounds …” for sale. Contact us via the Contact Tab to order.
We appreciate the support many of you gave us over the years. Your smiling faces and kudos, even when we hit wrong notes or forgot lyrics or even forgot how a tune went, pulled us through. Do we ever have stories! Remember the time that …
What a ride!
How to get our CD “… better than it sounds”We have shrink-wrapped copies of the CD available for $15 which includes postage. Just send a message via the Contact link at the top of this page with the number of CDs you want and where to send them. We take checks via mail, made out to Phil Watts or we can work out something through PayPal. We will also sell CDs at our performances, so check our Schedule link on the webpage for updates.

Art by Sam Bartlett